Quotes and Stoke

                   A few Shelter owners in their own words 

"Thanks so much. The number 29 is awesome and all my friends and family think it's amazing also. The hand boards work amazingly and have made me love going to the beach again. Sorry to keep running you out of stock but this one will be for my Dad who now wants to get back out there now that he's retired. Thanks so much for an awesome product." - Eric T, Costa Mesa, Ca (this guy bought two!)

"Love these planes, they are amazing." - Josiah H, Encinitas, Ca (this guy bought two also!) 

"Love the board man!  It planes so well!  Feel like I can do a push-up on the water :P Gonna be taking it out more." - Sean G, Pacific Grove, Ca

"Handplane is sick! Loving it, I also got Ross and Hammer my two buddies to swoop those other boards up.  Will do my best to spread the word about your quality product." - Nic W, Del Mar, Ca

"Awesome board Matt! Was able to test it out today.  So far nothing to improve on. Everything worked great!!! Stoked."  -Kevin M, Huntington Beach, Ca

"Had a chance to take it out on Saturday - new home break is Lindamar - there were gentle  3-4 foot waves, pretty clean - perfect for the test-drive.  Overall #44 performed very well for me and I caught some great rides - very impressed by the ease first in catching the wave (1 or 2 strokes and go), and then how long I was able to hold my position in the wave even after it started to crumble.   The plane is just beautiful - in terms of appearance" - Greg F, Pacifica, Ca.

"Aloha, I have been using No.60 these last few days and it works amazingly well.  It planes well, it is easy to paddle with, it's comfortable, and it looks cool.  Thank you so much, I'm already thinking of getting one more. - Mahalo,
Michael from San Diego.

"THIS IS RAD, I LOVE THIS" - 14 yr old Reilly on the No 61.  Santa Cruz, Ca

"Just had the most fun session breaking in my new handplane!!  If you are suffering from wave blues, I suggest you get one of these and feel total stoke again!!" - Cindy Y, On the road heading north with the No. 66