Finding Shelter

What gives you shelter?

For us here at Shelter, it's all about the outdoors, and not just the Ocean, but everything and every place that gives our soul a little shelter.  We wish to be connected and our Shelter Handboards are just a small, simple tool that helps with that soulful connection.  It happens to be a super fun way to get connected, that's for sure.  We are committed to getting pitted!

Shelter is based in Santa Cruz, Ca, but our roots and influences come from over seven generations of Californians.  Our children are 7th generation Californian on my wife's side and 5th generation Californian on my side.  Our family has been there, from Plumas County to San Diego County, Yosemite to Anza-Borrego, from the Trinity Alps to the Sierra Nevada, the coast of Humboldt to the coast of Baja.  We have camped, jeeped, backpacked, horse backed, fished, skied, snowboarded, climbed, mountain biked, explored, walked, paddled, surfed, photographed and wandered every corner of this great state.

My father, Bill, has spent more than 40 years photographing the wonders of the west coast in the finest detail. My mother, Lynne, co-founded one of the best childrens summer camps in the world, Coppercreek Camp, in Plumas County.  Summer 2015 will celebrate our 51st summer and third generation of Coppercreek Camp, family owned and operated since 1965.  

It is in these places and with our families that we find our Shelter. 

Last but not least, Shelter is committed to giving something back to our communities.  We donate a portion from every handboard to local charities.  When we can't give cash, we can also arrange to donate products for charitable fund raising.  Contact us if you know a charity that might benefit from Shelter Products, maybe we can help.

Mahalo for your support.

The Evarts Family

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