Care and Maintenance

How should I take care of my Shelter?

Keep them out of the baking sun.  Though they are protected by the finish, direct sunlight or heat could dry them too much and cause cracks in finish or board.

Tough, but not scratch or ding proof.  The finish is tough but like any urethane but it is susceptible to sharp objects scratching it.  Also, redwood is a soft wood so it can be prone to dimples or dings if it is dropped hard, stepped on, stuff thrown on top of it, etc.

It can be refinished.  Take off the strap (more on that below) and lightly wet sand with 220 grit or greater then re-apply some Vermont.  If you don't get Vermont, we recommend an aerosol spray, or brush on formula of water based polyurethane (Minwax or similar).  They aren't the most eco-friendly, but not too bad and very effective. Follow instructions of what ever you choose.  An oil based urethane is also option, however Vermont is water based so I would stick with a water based product.

Deck Strap.  If you need to replace the deck strap, carefully unscrew the machine screws.  Do this by hand, not with drill.  They are screwed into wood inserts which are screwed and glued into deck. The inserts have spiral fins down side for secure fit, but over cranking down on the screws can damage the wood, so go easy with screwing and unscrewing.  When tightening the screws, snug tight only.  When you meet resistance, you are done.  Don't over tighten, there is no extra security, and you'll risk just screwing the inserts deeper into the deck, possibly out the bottom. Not good.

Finally, the acrylic fasteners are the same specs as hardware store (Stanley) metal brackets.  2" x 1/2".  You can use those or we can send out a new set of acrylic if you damage one or its breaks.

Email us if you get stuck.  Maybe we can take it in and fix it up if really damaged.